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Few things to consider before investing in Vacuum Cleaner | Astol Cleantech

1. Suction power: Essentially, vacuum cleaners work through suction that is created by a built-in motor. The stronger the motor, the stronger the suction power it creates, and the more efficient the vacuum cleaner will be at sucking up all the dirt and dust. “When choosing a vacuum cleaner,” “be sure to take note of its power levels. All Astol Cleantech vacuum cleaners have very powerful motors, ranging from 1 600W to 2 200W depending on model, but this by itself does not guarantee top performance. What is important is that the power is used effectively throughout the system – from the floorhead and the hose, right through the filters and the dustbag, to give maximum suction. And to do this, all parts of the vacuum cleaner must work together to create an optimum flow of air.”

2. Manoeuvrability: Consumers often overlook manoeuvrability; however, good manoeuvrability is one of the most important features a good vacuum cleaner can have. “Having a vacuum cleaner that is easy to get around is essential – it needs to be easy to move to make light work of cleaning, and it needs to be able to get into difficult-to-reach and small areas. Look for wheels that have a 360-degree swivel – the undercarriage of Astol Cleantech vacuum cleaners for example, has three high quality, smooth running castors, making the cleaner extremely stable and very easy to guide around obstacles and over thresholds. The cleaner can also sit upright, making it very convenient for use on stairs. Astol Cleantech latest range of vacuum cleaners – the S8 range – boast DynamicDrive castors that rotate 360 degrees, have steel axles and feature shock absorbers – the rubberized wheels glide smoothly, are gentle on floors and are wear-proof.

3. Simple operation and noise levels: Nobody wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to switch the vacuum cleaner on, “Vacuum cleaners should above all, be simple to operate – offering easy functionality to even the most technologically-challenged individuals. Over and above this, its special features should be easily accessible so that it makes the job of vacuuming much easier, not more complicated.

4. Compact and lightweight: Buying a compact cleaner often means making compromises such as accepting poorer quality, less efficient dust pick-up or inferior filtration. That most of us do not want to cut corners when it comes to the cleanliness of our homes or the quality of the air we breathe, but we still want a compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner that is easy to store.

5. Aesthetically good-looking: Today’s appliances don’t just have to be functional, but they should boast good looks as well. Astol Cleantech vacuum cleaners are convincing through their clean and modern lines, and they boast a high level of visual detail. With a combination of fresh, contemporary and classic lines, as well as high-quality surface refinements, each Miele vacuum cleaner is an attractive appliance in its own right.

6. Environmental sustainability: With environmental friendliness being a hot consumer trend at the moment, and with the ever increasing cost of electricity, it is very important to take into account how energy efficient a vacuum cleaner is, “In line with Astol Cleantech cradle-to-grave approach to environmental sustainability; all its vacuum cleaners boast energy-optimised motors that set the benchmark in energy efficient vacuum cleaning. Another thing to look at is the overall carbon footprint of the vacuum cleaner – as with all of Astol Cleantech appliances, its vacuum cleaners are designed, manufactured and tested to last for 1 000 operating hours.

7. Longevity: It is very important to take into account how long your vacuum cleaner will last for – you may pay more for it initially, but if it is built to last, you will save money in the long run. When it comes to quality, we at Astol Cleantech are confident that nobody tests as diligently as we do. For any parts and components to be included in a Astol Cleantech products, they have to meet very stringent quality requirements and prove that they will endure 20 years of average household use.

– From hard floor to carpet: Check for a footswitch tat is used to gently lift the front of the electrobrush, so you can easily move from a hard floor to a rug.

– Automatic height adjustment: The bristles under the electrobrush should be spring-loaded to effectively clean different depths of carpet pile.

– Swivel neck: A unique swivel neck joint allows for navigation around furniture, and for it to be rotated for easy cleaning around obstacles such as table legs.

– Ergonomic carry handle: Check for an extra ergonomic carrying handle at the back that will allow the user to easily lift the cleaner and carry it upstairs.

– Large dustbags: Large dustbags facilitate the cleaning of large areas.

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