Carpet Shampooing Services

Carpet Spotting & Shampooing

(a) Vacuum

(Cylindrical vacuum cleaner is used with a suction power of 22 kpa/350 air watts or higher for maximum suction, and sound levels of 70 dB or less for noiseless operation on the work floor.)

(b) Shampooing

(Diluted neutral upholstery pre-cleanser is applied using special handheld scrubbing machines and is then subsequently removed using wet suction machines. Visible stains are cleaned using appropriate neutral chemicals. Shampoo is applied, scrubbed and left on the chair for a few minutes. Residues are extracted through wet suction machines and the chair is left to dry for a quick turn around time.)

(c) Steam Cleaning

(Upholstered chairs are steam cleaned at periodic intervals. The equipment used produces over 4000 litres of steam. Hot steam removes soiling efficiently and effectively without chemical cleaners.)

Clean & Disinfect Arm/ Levers/Back (The arms/levers/back of the chairs are first cleaned with a microfiber cloth and then thoroughly disinfected as these are the parts frequently touched by users)

Workstation Wall Panel Cleaning (The wall panels are vacuumed with a cylindrical vacuum cleaner and then shampooed and steam cleaned with specialized commercial grade equipment at periodic intervals)

Specialty Machines (In order to maximize reach and ensure fast turnaround times we additionally use portable high suction cleaning equipment which can be worn on the back of the operator and is capable of operating on both battery and direct power.)

Carpet Shampooing Services

Carpet Shampooing Services

Upholstery Deep Cleaning & Maintenance

(a) Vacuum

All surface dirt is first removed using a high power vacuum machine. Once the surface dirt is removed then the carpet is ready for pre-treatment.

(b) Pre treatment

We first spray your carpet with pre-conditioner chemicals to help break down dirt and stains for maximum cleaning potential.

(c) Dry Foam Application/Extraction

After pre-treatment, the foam machine is brought in. The chemicals mixed in it create thick foam, which is then worked across the carpet.

Dry foam cleaning results are much better than steam cleaning as wicking, and re-soiling do not happen after the process unlike the way they do in steam/water based cleaning.

Water based cleaning requires the longest drying time of about 12 hours or more before the carpet can be put into regular use again. Water less dry cleaning generally only takes about 1hrs to 4hrs per room.

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