Pantry Services

Pre-deployment and post–deployment training encompasses etiquettes, grooming, utensils washing process which involves ensuring complete removal of all detergents at the end of each wash cycle, and the art of serving guests including smooth “ergonomics” via serving from the right side

(a) Vending Machine Cleaning

The vending machines are cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. The disinfectant detergent used is USDA/EPA approved to ensure that it is safe for both human health and environment.

(b) Refrigerator Cleaning

Refrigerators are cleaned weekly or fortnightly to prevent contamination.

(c) Expired Items

We check expiration dates on each item and if expired or not used in a year, it is discarded.

(d) Organized Pantry/Cafeteria

Pantry/cafeteria cleaning is done to maintain hygienic food management and germ free preparation surfaces. Spring cleaning is done by completing daily and weekly jobs such as washing counters. Dishes, cutlery and utensils are sorted with excess items removed from countertops to clear space.

Pantry Services

Pantry Services

Our Pantry services :

  • Preparing & Serving Food and Beverages
  • Operating & Re-filling Vending Machines
  • Replenishing Water Bottles & Dispensers
  • Upkeep of Pantry
  • Storage of Edible Items
  • Testing drinking water

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