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5 Simple Hacks To Keep Your Home Free From Clutter – Spring Cleaning

5 Simple Hacks To Keep Your Home Free From Clutter – Spring Cleaning

Keeping the house tidy is very important to maintain the family’s health. In addition, living in a clean and orderly home contributes to one’s efficiency. If you want to speed up your cleaning skills to save time, read more.

Spring cleaning is typically deemed to be a tiresome job, but there are ways to make your life easier and still keep your house neat and tidy. Here are 5 Simple Hacks To Keep Your Home Free From Clutter – Spring Cleaning that will surely help you perform the job better and faster:

1. Determine what needs to be cleaned. To save you time, you have to target the area of your house that needs to be cleaned. Sweeping in an already clean area will not contribute to keeping your home neat.

According to Astol Cleantech, your cabinets, windows, countertops, and floors are among the things that you should clean this spring. Target the high-traffic zone in your home.

2. Use the right tool. Cleaning won’t be fast and efficient without the right tool. If you are cleaning the carpet and rugs in your home, Astol Cleantech advises that you use a vacuum, cotton cloths, a reliable concentrated cleaner, degreaser, and hairdryer.

3. For curtains, revive them by steaming. Most fabrics can be steamed, which ultimately removes bad odors.

The process will not take over 10 minutes. First, close the window and spray the curtain with the Cleaning solution. Run the steamer from top to bottom. Open the window and let the curtains dry.

4. For your deck, skip the manual labor of wiping it by hand. As per Astol Cleantech, you can pressure-wash your deck. Use the one with a tip that produces a spray about the width of two by four.
Also, avoid too much pressure, just use medium pressure and keep the spray moving, that is the trick to avoid your deck from damage. Then, apply a wood preservative to prevent discoloration and water damage.

5. Delegate the work. Cleaning the entire house by yourself will surely take time. If you are living with your spouse and children, it won’t hurt them if you invite them to join in the task.
Astol Cleantech advises that you share the load. Cleaning is more fun if the family members work together.

How do you clean your house? What are your secrets to cleaning your home efficiently? Share your tips and strategies in the comment section below.