Many people own pressure washers and utilize them for a variety of purposes. I’ve seen folks use them to clean car seats, window curtains, air conditioner filters, and a variety of other household items.
However, I was wondering as to what the most typical applications are. Let’s have a look at what the authoritative industry report showed…

  • Window washing
  • Drain, duct and gutter cleaning
  • Pool cleaning
  • Parking lot and driveway washing
  • Other outdoor maintenance cleaning activities, and
  • Chimney sweep services.

A handful of these don’t appear to be how my neighbours and acquaintances use their pressure washers. Cleaning services for chimneys? However, the reason for this is that it is commercial, and I am only interested in residential properties. So I went online and asked around on forums, and I came up with the following list of what appears to be pressure washer applications:


It’s common knowledge that pressure cleaning your BBQ grill is frowned upon. However, if done correctly, the electrics will not be harmed, and your food will not taste like soap.

Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning plastic, vinyl, or wood outdoor patio furniture is the most common pressure washer application. People either never cleaned their patio furniture or did it every weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. After all, why not? It’s quite simple and quick to do.

Various Gear Like Lawn Mowers, Mountain Bikes, Trailers and Boats

Boats, lawn mowers, bikes, and other miscellaneous items around the house, such as dog houses, go karts, and bird baths. On and other forums, several individuals discussed cleaning their other power equipment (tillers, chainsaws, and so on) using a pressure washer, which would fall into this section.

Cars and Trucks

It was surprised that autos and trucks weren’t the most popular applications for power washers. Many users reported they used a pressure washer to clean their car, but it still needed a strong solid sponge or brush to get it completely clean. Some individuals swear by using a pressure washer with an attachment brush and finishing with a sponge.


Because almost everyone has a fence, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular surface for pressure washing.
Wood fences too. Don’t they look magnificent clean?

Home Exteriors Like Vinyl or Brick (And Also Window Cleaning)

It’s always surprising to see how much nicer a tidy house looks. Pressure washers were most commonly used on home siding and brick houses, which ranked as the fifth most popular use case. This applies to all kinds of house exteriors.

Wood Decks

Power washing your wood deck or patio is the fourth most popular use of a pressure washer. You can use either an electric or a gas machine as long as you use the correct nozzle (25-degree or 4-degree nozzle) and hold the machine at the proper distance from the surface (2-3 feet). Cleaning a wood deck improves safety as well. Consider how slick the unclean, mildewed side would become if it rained.

Concrete or Tile Patios

Sheesh Take a look at how terrible the patio has gotten. It appears that someone had painted it black before deciding on the colour… In the summer, patios are a favourite gathering place. It’s where you’ll find the BBQ grill and where you can relax and enjoy the lovely weather. Because of this, I believe many people used their pressure washer to clean their concrete/tile patios on a regular basis, making this the second most common reason for purchasing a pressure washer.

Driveways and Garage Floors

If I had asked more individuals, I believe the patio or front steps would have taken first place. But honestly, practically everyone I spoke with said that one of the main reasons they acquired a pressure washer was to clean their driveway. It makes sense because driveways are the focal point of your home’s exterior appeal and provide a good huge flat surface on which to enjoy the machine’s full potential.

The Pressure Cleaner Uses:

  1. Driveways and garage floors.
  2. Concrete or tile patios.
  3. Front entrance stairs and walkways.
  4. Wood decks.
  5. Home exteriors that are vinyl or brick.
  6. Fencing.
  7. Cars and Trucks.
  8. Miscellaneous gear like lawn mowers, dirt bikes, boats or trailers.
  9. Outdoor Furniture.
  10. Grills.