6 Reasons to Scrub Your Parking Lot

6 Reasons to Scrub Your Parking Lot

Cleaning a parking lot or garage can be an afterthought at times. However, it is far more critical to your company’s success than you may realize. Not only are your company and staff benefiting from routine parking lot care, but so are your consumers!

Here are some things to think about when it comes to parking lot upkeep and why you should clean your parking lot with a scrubber sweeper:

6 Reasons to Scrub Your Parking Lot

High-profile image

What do you want your consumers to think when they walk into and out of your establishment? The way your company promotes itself should be reflected in the exterior aspect of your building. (Remember, a nice parking lot brings in more customers!)

Potential hazards

Accident and injury prevention is a powerful motivator for cleansing a parking lot. You, your employees, and your customers are at risk of slipping and falling due to oil stains that drip, as well as excess gravel and dirt. The risk of hazard is reduced by an extra scrubbing precaution.

Longer life span

Don’t overlook the importance of extending the life of your asphalt, concrete, or another parking surface. When automobiles move over salt, gasoline, oil, nails, screws, shattered glass, and other abrasive particles, they act like sandpaper. This has an impact on the state of your parking lot over time. Scrubbing and sweeping your parking lot will save your business a lot of money in repairs down the road while also keeping the strength and condition of your parking surface.

Customers’ cars

Surprisingly, rubber particles from tyre wear are one of the most significant sources of dust in a garage. Rubber dust can be seen along the borders and ramps of a garage that has been neglected. It’s time to think about getting a scrubber sweeper machine if clients’ automobiles are leaving dirtier and dustier than when they arrived.

Lighting reflectivity

You might not realize it, but the floors of a parking garage or lot have a bigger part in lighting your facility than you think! A clean and scrubbed garage floor will drastically increase the brightness and visibility, improving the safety and appearance of your garage.


Vehicle fluid, cigarettes, animal feces, and food and beverage spills are just a few of the items that can build over time and generate odors. These materials will produce unpleasant scents if not thoroughly cleaned and coupled with heat from the sun, and they may attract unwelcome pests.

Choosing the Right Machine to Clean Your Parking Lot

To begin, let’s define sweepers, scrubbers, sweeper-scrubber combinations, and scrubber-sweeper combos. Brushes are used by floor sweepers to remove dust and debris from your floor. Scrubbers, on the other hand, take things a step further by cleaning with water and, in some cases, detergent. At two different times, sweeper-scrubbers dry sweep and then wet scrub the floor. Scrubber-sweepers, on the other hand, are a two-in-one technology that uses a cylindrical brush to scrub and sweep at the same time. A scrubber-sweeper is the finest machine for cleaning parking lots and garages when your parking surfaces allow it.

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