Throughout the day, businesses may see a high volume of foot traffic. Dirt, sludge, and other things can easily track inside and damage your floors. Hard-surface floors can appear worn and scuffed, while carpets can appear dusty and matted. Not only will your company’s reputation be tarnished, but debris build-up can cause irreversible damage to your flooring, such as scratches, scuffs, and stains.

Use these high-traffic flooring maintenance ideas from Astol Cleantech Pvt. Ltd. to keep your business looking its best.

Clean Routinely

Cleaning your floors at least once a day is essential to their longevity. During severe weather, high-traffic areas such as entrances and lobbies may need to be cleaned every few hours. If you live in a region where roads and sidewalks are salted on a regular basis throughout the winter, for example, people will be tracking that salt in on their shoes and boots. This salt can quickly harm floors, particularly wooden and vinyl floors, and should be wiped off as soon as possible.

To eliminate dirt and debris, sweep hard-surface floors such as hardwood or vinyl every several hours. Hard flooring may need to be mopped after business hours to clean and disinfect the area. Carpets in high-traffic areas, on the other hand, should be vacuumed at least once a day to efficiently remove set-in debris. Because carpets tend to trap more filth than wood, vinyl, or tile flooring, ensure sure the carpet in your facility can withstand high activity.

Use Mats And Rugs

In high-traffic areas, mats and rugs can assist avoid floor damage in the following ways:
1. Large volumes of dirt, grime, and puddles should be caught before being tracked around the facility.
2. Salt and snow, dirt, sand, and other things can cause scuff marks and scratches.
3. Before entering the premises, assist employees and customers in wiping their shoes off.

Make sure that mats and rugs are secure and that they are laid out flat. A tripping hazard can be a loose or warped carpet. Look for mats or rugs that can be affixed to the floor for a secure fit if you don’t already have them near your entryways and other high-traffic locations. Mats and rugs should also be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis at the very least (depending on weekly traffic).

Deep Clean Once A Year

While regular cleaning can assist to keep your flooring in good shape, thorough cleaning should be done at least once a year. Deep cleanings per year can benefit your office flooring in the following ways:

  1. Make your floor last longer.
  2. Restore your flooring to its former glory.
  3. Assist in maintaining and improving the beauty and cleanliness of your floors.

Allow the experts at ServiceMaster Clean to make your floors sparkle. Expert guidance on the best floor cleaning procedures, periodic maintenance programmes to renew your floors, and precise cleanliness protocols to clean a wide range of flooring are all part of our commercial floor cleaning services. Contact us today to see how we can tailor a comprehensive cleaning programme for your business based on our modern technologies, cutting-edge equipment, and decades of experience.