Floor Scrubber Preventative Maintenance Tips

Floor Scrubber Preventative Maintenance Tips

Floor Scrubber Preventative Maintenance Tips

Maintenance that is performed on a regular basis extends the life of your cleaning equipment and reduces downtime. Follow these floor scrubber maintenance suggestions to save money on service and repairs while keeping your scrubber in good working order.

Make sure the electricity is turned off before performing any scrubber maintenance.

Daily Floor Scrubber Maintenance

  • Raise the squeegee and use a moist towel to wipe off the blades. Using an unclean squeegee might result in unattractive floor streaks.
  • After each usage, wash the pads or brush to remove debris and dirt. If a pad shows signs of excessive wear or rips, it should be replaced immediately.
  • Drain the recovery and solution tanks before rinsing and cleaning them individually. Over time, a build-up of residue might cause damage or corrosion.
  • Using an approved cleaning solution, damp wipe down the entire machine.
  • Look for cracks or leaks in the hoses, lids, and gaskets. Remove any remaining debris with a flush. Any cracks or leaks found will necessitate a replacement.

Drain both tanks and store them in a dry spot for safe daily storage. Ensure that the scrubber is upright, with the squeegee and pad driver raised off the floor. Also, always store your auto scrubber tank with the lid open to allow it to fully dry out to prevent the risk of mould.

Weekly Floor Scrubber Maintenance

Weekly maintenance is required for your batteries. Keep your batteries charged at all times to extend their life. Because each type of battery has its own set of maintenance requirements, it’s critical to know which one is in your equipment and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, for all batteries, you should inspect the battery terminals for any damage or corrosion to the wires, as well as any loose connections. Cleaning the tops of your batteries with a baking soda and water solution is the best approach to prevent corrosion, but be cautious not to get the solution into the battery cells.

Monthly Floor Scrubber Maintenance

  • You should undertake a comprehensive assessment of your equipment once a month. Any problems that are discovered should be addressed.
  • Make sure there are no leaks and tighten any loose fasteners.
  • As needed, lubricate all pivot points with a machine-safe lubricant.
  • Flush the solution system by filling the solution tank with 3 gallons of hot water and an approved alkaline detergent. Run the machine for 45 seconds with the solution control turned on. Turn off the machine after flushing and let it stay overnight before washing the tank.
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